The 2nd Southampton Challenge at Ponquogue Park, Southampton

parks_logo_color-3Please note the following:
1.) Date is Saturday September 6 Check in is 7:30 and first heat is in at 8:00 am Sharp! Open is for ESA members in good standing only!
2.) Sponsors are:
Town Of Southampton
Sunrise to Sunset surf and sport
Salty Sista
Zico Coconut water
Surf Co
Thrust Clothing
Life On a Board
Hyper Flex
Sun Bum
VP Records and as we get closer will add to the list….. Logosponsor 2loab guy-2VP recordsSaltySistaSun2 Logo BW2hildreth's home goods logoThrust-Logo

Contest schedule remaining for 2014

All applications are attached except for Easterns- should have been submitted already!

September 6- The second Southampton Challenge at Ponquogue BeachSouthampton challenge 2014

The “Easterns” in NC September 14-21

August 23- Bungers 26th Annual Surf Classic-Bunger 2014

October 4 and 5- Annual Montauk Classic with Espos, Esa, and Atlantic Terrace BeachAnnual Montauk Surf Classic

Also note the following:

1.) OPEN sb divisions are for ESA members only and no EXCEPTIONS!

2.) Make sure your membership is current to see rankings and go to the next level.


Thrust Results


New Sponsor

New Sponsor


We would like to thank the following sponsors:loab guy-2
Town Of Babylon-for supporting the ESA for many years
Thrust Clothing – for the 8th year and all the support with t-shirts, prints, whatever we need..
Life On a Board- new sponsor and gave us goodie bags and raffles
Tres Palms Restaurant- in Babylon for gift certificates and raffle prizes
Nalu Surf in Bay shore- for raffles and certificates and bringing Zeal Optics for hats, shirts, and sunglasses
Surf Co- for nose guards and deck pads
REFLEKT Sunglasses- for sunglasses for the raffle and the winner of our OPEN
Hildreths Home Goods- For our new rash guards
Hyper-flex wetsuits-Booties, gloves, stickers, and more
Sun-Bum-Always protecting us from the sun and supplying us with gifts and protection
Salty Sista- Awesome clothing

Swell Taco
Zico Coconut Water
AWSM- skateboard clothing

Please make sure and support all of our sponsors. We have great contests because of our sponsors and their generosity!

Lorraine and Tim

“8th Annual Thrust Surf Contest” sponsored by LOAB, ESA, and the TOB pictures

_DSC0887 _DSC0571

New Sponsor

New Sponsor

Pictures courtesy of Dave Quinn

The "Thrust" tent

The “Thrust” tent


A friendly visitor

A friendly visitor

_DSC0682 _DSC0764 _DSC0842_DSC0724_DSC0970_DSC0907 _DSC0720

Second Sundown Challenge pictures by Dave Quinn


Ist place Ladies Lonboard


_DSC9538_DSC0511 _DSC9398_DSC9391_DSC0313_DSC0258 _DSC0249 _DSC9551

Sundown results and Thanks to our sponsors….


Aloha members!
Please see attached the results form the Sundown contest.Results 2014 Sundown Challenge  We would like to thank the following sponsors:

1.) Tyler from Sundown for another great event.
2.) Town of Hempstead with Barbara, Kate Murray, and the whole crew at Lido west. We appreciate and are honored to be able to hold our contests at this  location. Also a great thanks to Kate Murray for our wonderful citation.
3.) Zeal Optics for hats and other accessories through Sundown.
4.) Hyper-flex for the wetsuit, boots, and gloves for the raffles
5.) Sun Bum for always protecting our skin and nice prices.
6.) Surf- Co for the deck pads and nose guards
7.) Life on a Board for the t-shirts for our little winners
8.) Salty Sista for clothing
9.) Surf- fur for always keeping us warm
10.) Swell Taco
11.) Zico -for keeping us hydrated
12.) NY/NJsurf- for supporting all events
13.) Kind Bars for our great snacks


Updated Contest Schedule

Applications should be ready for download about 18 days to a contest.

August 16- Bungers 26th Annual Surf Classic-Bunger 2014

September 6- The second Southampton Challenge at Ponquogue Beach

The “Easterns”

October 4- 18th Annual Montauk Classic with Espos, Esa, and Atlantic Terrace Beach

Natures Shapes results and sponsor Thank-you

Aloha Members!

Please see attached the results of the Natures Shapes contest.Results 2014 Natures Shapes-2 We want to natures shapesremind everyone to please help support our sponsors.

We would like to Thank the following for this contest and as a reminder to support our Motel sponsor…ATlantic Terrace in Montauk…

Natures Shapes- co sponsor and brought along Maui Jim, Zeal Optics, Rip Curl and the beautiful board we raffled, and our great t-shirts.

Zico Coconut Water- Always quench in our thirst

Swell Taco-A new sponsor to the ESA located in the town of Babylon

Surf-Fur-keeping us warm

Surf Co- nose guards and deck pads

Sun Bum- always protection our skin

Salty Sista- Cool clothing from babies to dogs and everything in between

AWSM- skateboarding accessories_DSC9371

Hyperflex- Wetsuits and accessories

LOAB- for shirts keeping us informed



Natures Shapes June 22 photos

Thanks to Dave Quinn for taking our pictures……._DSC9177 _DSC9198 _DSC9340 _DSC9051 _DSC9201 _DSC9081 _DSC8933 _DSC9330 _DSC8959 _DSC9006 _DSC9135 _DSC9022 _DSC9086 _DSC9156 _DSC9127

Corporate Sponsors