18ESA NY3 RockStock and Barrels Rockaway Beach Annual Festival June 23d

This contest runs in conjunction with the RockStock and Barrels Rockaway Beach Annual Surf / Skate / Music Festival! Also includes a vendor craft fair on the boardwalk, skate contest, and live rock ‘n roll music all day too. This event is hosted by Boarders Surf Shop and St. James Clothing NYC both of Rockaway Beach, thank you!

Our permit dictates the contest surf zone will be from the jetty at Beach 88 St westward by 100 yards. This will be clearly marked and enforced.
Please be courteous to local surfers, fellow beach goers, and festival patrons.

Online application entry deadline: June 19, 2018 Tuesday 11:59pm before the event
Late entries please contact ny@surfesa.org

2nd Annual Surf Challenge Sponsored by Sundown & Skudin Surf

18ESA-NY#2 Annual Surf Challenge Sponsored by Sundown & Skudin Surf will be this coming SUNDAY, June 3rd.

Signup: ny.surfsignup.com

DEADLINE IS (still) TUESDAY, May 29, 2018

Sundown Ski & Surf, 2726 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown NY
instagram: @sundownskisurfshop + web: sundownski.com

Founded over 50 years ago! Always been a super generous supporter of ESA for many, many years


At their request we will be holding the Annual Paddle Race during lunchtime.


Skudin Surf, Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach NY
instagram: @skudinsurf + web: skudinsurf.com

Surf Instruction, Surf and Skate Camps, Ocean Safety, Rentals & much stoke!


Hurley Surf Club, Riverside Blvd, Long Beach NY

web: skudinsurf.com/hsc/

Providing high performance and competition training, lots of cool free events including seasonal surf teams


Contest will be held between Long Beach Blvd and Riverside Blvd. out from from the Skudin Surf Camp and Hurley Surf Center.

Spring Tune-Up sponsored by Island Strong Gilgo Beach Saturday, 12- May

This Saturday, 12- May, kicks off our 2018 ESA NY Contest Event season at Gilgo Beach for our Spring Tune-Up sponsored by Island Strong!
– – – – – – – –
Island Strong was born from the spirit and pride of the community that is Long Island. The brand started simply with a logo, a few stickers, and the idea to introduce each of us with our local communities, small neighborhood businesses, and one another. Fast forward a few short years and Island Strong has grown to over 28 THOUSAND Instagram followers that strive to stay connected, support local businesses, showcase artists, give back to charities, provide volunteering opportunities, and offer super unique happenings such as their upcoming L.I. Adventure Hunt @liadventurehunt


We thank Terrance, the founder of Island Strong, for his unwavering dedication towards everything Long Island and sponsoring ESA NY for the last three years!

Please visit Island Strong at their brand new location:

18 Main Street, Suite #8, Sayville, NY 11782
Instagram: @lislandstrong
Web: www.lislandstrong.com

– – – – – – – –


** Contest 18ESANY #1 will begin Saturday, 12-May around 9am **
Gilgo Beach, Babylon NY

Online registration: ny.surfsignup.com
Application entry deadline: Tuesday, May 8 – 11:59pm




We plan to setup very close to the tunnel so no one will need to carry surfboards, backpacks, chairs, etc very far.

Since this contest tends to be a bit modest in terms of attendance, we will combine heats (that means IF two different age groups only have one or two competitors signed up each, we will offer to surf them all together). We absolutely make intentional, educated decisions on what competitors to combine based on age and skill levels. : )

… and since everyone asks about points when heats are combined… Points are awarded for seeding purposes and will be distributed based on the division the competitor is signed up for. In short, if two divisions were combined into one heat for a contest, points will be awarded as though the surfers surfed separately.

29th Annual Bunger Surf Contest 2017- Gilgo Beach, Babylon Sun 10/15

Its A GO!

Heqt Schedule for Bunger Contest 10-15-2017 


Boys 14 Boys 16

Girls U14 Girls U16

Jr Men LB U18 Jr Men U18 SB

Jr Women LB U18 Jr Women U18 SB Ladies 35- SB Ladies LB 35+

Legend & Grand Legends Legends LB 50+

Menehune LB U14 Menehune U12 ( count

Mens 18-29 Mens & Masters LB

Open & Menehune BB Open

SB Open

SUP Sr Mens 40-49




Scheduled for Sunday, Oct 15, 2017 at Gilgo Beach.

Online Registration:


The mail in App is below:


21st Annual Montauk Surf Classic sponsored by The Atlantic Terrace Motel

Its a GO

We will start tomorrow at 8:AM and run for nine hours. Please be there early because the conditions might change the schedule attached. I believe there will be a benefit  run or race tomorrow at the same time so please be early.
After the contest at 7:PM we will have our Annual Banquet at the Atlantic Terrace Motel. We will be announcing the awards and trophies. We will also have a board to raffle off with a bunch of other great prizes. We are asking for a $15 donation for the banquet to cover the cost. Please do not not forget to print out your parking permit for the dirt parking lot. As always we are looking for anybody who wants to help with the running of the contest.


Online Registration:


The mail in App and Parking pass  is below:



Please print and bring a copy of the parking permit to display in your window. Or you will get a ticket from the town police.

5th Annual Surf Challenge Ponquogue Beach 2017-Sept 09 Event#5 Southampton

2017-Sept 09 Event#5 Southampton Beach Ponquogue Beach Pavilion, Hampton Bays, NY
5th Annual Surf Challenge sponsored by Life on a Board & Tate’s Bake Shop.

Additional sponsorship support from Phunky Apparel & Lifestyle Clothing Collective.

We have a special competitive heat this contest!

Its a GO

Online Registration:


The mail in App is below: