New Link Available For ESA Membership

The ESA is excited to implement its new membership registration database that includes ESA event registrations as well.  Through Surf Signup, you will be able to join and/or renew your ESA membership as well as register for ESA local and regional events through your own Surf Signup account.  Please visit to join, renew and register for ESA events.  If your account is due for renewal, you will have to create a new account when you visit for the first time but this will only take a few minutes.

Please be patient as we are just rolling this new system out and are finding a few bugs that still need work.  Registration for ESA’s Southeast Regional event is open and our Mid-Atlantic Regional event registration should be up and running by next week, followed by the Northeast.  If you have any issues with the new system, please send all inquiries to  No phone calls, please, as we need to be able to forward the issue/request via email to our database manager.

Please view this press release about the partnership with ESA and Surf Signup.

Thank you very much for your attention to this great database that we are offering to all ESA members!  Registering for ESA events has never been easier!  Looking forward to seeing you at our championship events in the coming  months.

Michelle Sommers
ESA Executive Director

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