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The SunDown Challenge

Coming up is the Fourth Annual Sundown Challenge combined with their 50th Anniversary Party and Movie Screening at Gilgo Beach.
The after Party to be held at and around the Gilgo Inn. There will be food supplied for the registered contestants for the after party.
All others can purchase a food ticket for a donation of $5 at the front desk. During our lunch break we will have a paddle race.
Details to follow.
As always we would like to start the contest on time which is 8AM.
Please make all the effort you can to be there on time.
Also the drive on is closed this year because of erosion.
Please allocate enough time to walk to the contest site from the parking lot.
To all of those members who have asked for a site to register for the contest, we now have this available for you.
Please go to
Application is below:

New Link Available For ESA Membership

The ESA is excited to implement its new membership registration database that includes ESA event registrations as well.  Through Surf Signup, you will be able to join and/or renew your ESA membership as well as register for ESA local and regional events through your own Surf Signup account.  Please visit to join, renew and register for ESA events.  If your account is due for renewal, you will have to create a new account when you visit for the first time but this will only take a few minutes.

Please be patient as we are just rolling this new system out and are finding a few bugs that still need work.  Registration for ESA’s Southeast Regional event is open and our Mid-Atlantic Regional event registration should be up and running by next week, followed by the Northeast.  If you have any issues with the new system, please send all inquiries to  No phone calls, please, as we need to be able to forward the issue/request via email to our database manager.

Please view this press release about the partnership with ESA and Surf Signup.

Thank you very much for your attention to this great database that we are offering to all ESA members!  Registering for ESA events has never been easier!  Looking forward to seeing you at our championship events in the coming  months.

Michelle Sommers
ESA Executive Director

Montauk Classic Contest Postponed Until 4/2016

Montauk Classic Contest

Hello Everyone,
Unfortunately, due to the high probability of inclement weather this weekend, I believe it’s in our best interest to postpone the Montauk contest. The safety of our contestants and their supporters is our highest priority and the current forecast for Joaquin is to become a hurricane with the potential to impact a lot of the East Coast. Sweeping overhead waves and driving 30 knot winds as well as torrential rain are not a recipe for a surf contest or watching from the beach. I think it’s wiser for us to be in the safety and comfort of our own homes in the event of Joaquin affecting Long Island.
The Montauk Classic will be rescheduled to be our first contest in 2016. We are aiming for one of the last weekends in April. An official announcement of the postponement / rescheduled contest dates will be emailed within the next day or so. 

All the members who have booked rooms at the Atlantic Terrace Motel for the contest should contact me as soon as possible. The hotel management and I have been discussing options on how to roll these reservations forward. I will reach out to you separately with the decision when it’s made.
NY DD of the ESA
Timothy Cominos
46 Dorchester Street
Huntington Station, NY 11746