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The Annual Spring Tune-Up Sponsored by Nature Shapes & Island Strong is POSTPONED

The Annual Spring Tune-Up  is POSTPONED

Sorry to say we will postpone the Natures Shapes Contest this weekend till sometime at a later date once we can line things up. We are going to be getting a late season nor’easter on Saturday and those who endured last years end of the season contest will understand why we are going to pass on doing that again. We are going to respect Mother’s day and not hold the makeup contest this Sunday. We will post the makeup contest as soon as we can agree on a date and refile our permit to hold the contest.


Adult Judging Classes Hurley Center Long Beach

Judges classes. On May 7, 2017 starting at 4 PM for two hours. It will be held at the Hurley Center on the boardwalk in Long Beach. This class is strictly for the ESA Member who will be judging this summer season for the NY ESA District and those who want to learn how to judge. This will be one of many I hope where we will all learn what to look for when judging and how to score it.
NY Co-DD of the ESA
Timothy Cominos

The SunDown Challenge

Coming up is the Fourth Annual Sundown Challenge combined with their 50th Anniversary Party and Movie Screening at Gilgo Beach.
The after Party to be held at and around the Gilgo Inn. There will be food supplied for the registered contestants for the after party.
All others can purchase a food ticket for a donation of $5 at the front desk. During our lunch break we will have a paddle race.
Details to follow.
As always we would like to start the contest on time which is 8AM.
Please make all the effort you can to be there on time.
Also the drive on is closed this year because of erosion.
Please allocate enough time to walk to the contest site from the parking lot.
To all of those members who have asked for a site to register for the contest, we now have this available for you.
Please go to
Application is below: